We’re all about giving back.


We all need something positive to believe in, and for us and so many other people, music is that "bright light" on even the darkest day.
We believe artists can impact the world in a positive, loving way by making more music and making more friendships.

There are so many incredible artists struggling to be seen in this city. Little Kruta has the ability to bring together an excellent ensemble, write charts, hire incredible audio engineers, book gorgeous studio spaces, and more - so why not share the love? Little Kruta will be holding contests 4 times per year wherein any artist can enter to win a studio recording session - including arrangements, production, studio musicians, mixing and mastering, and professional photography - completely free of charge. And you can contribute!

How does it work?
We’ve partnered with a crowdfunding platform called Patreon. Using this platform, prospective donors can choose which 'donation tier’ he/she/they would like to become a part of - no amount is too big or too small. We will only charge our patrons once we are ready to get into the studio - a maximum of 4 charges per year (March, June, September, and December).

Who is eligible to enter the contest?
Any artist is eligible! Singers, rappers, instrumentalists, producers… we welcome you. We will review all submissions via Instagram, so each artist must have an account. We only ask that those entering the contest have a true passion for their craft, and are actively pursuing greatness.

How are the winning artists chosen?
To enter, each artist must post a clip of themselves singing or playing on Instagram - this can be in one’s own living room, on a stage, at a live show, or in a studio - and tag @littlekruta #littlekruta #LKcontest. After the entry period is over, our team will pick 4 finalists and leave it up to
Instagram to vote for the winner.

After the winner is chosen, we will work closely with he/she/they to decide which song they each want to record. The entire session will be free of charge but, we ask that each winner donate a minimum of $5 to the crowdfunding campaign. This ensures that each artist is supporting the next.

What’s the timeline like?
We’ll be holding these sessions in March, June, September, and December. We'll announce via Instagram when we are ready to start reviewing submissions, and at that time we welcome all audition videos to be posted and tagged.
Winners will be announced 4-6 weeks prior to the session months.

This Patreon funding will help pay for studio musicians, engineers, photographers, music editing, and more.
We want to make sure these artists know their worth, and feel valued every step of the way. 

Make your donation here.